Zenith legendary Swiss watch movement El Primero is the watchmaking history of the most famous movement, is currently the world's most accurate series of production movement. Every love watches can call his name, its secret lies in the balance of the balance wheel frequency. The other movement can only shake the fastest 8 times per second, while El Primero is up to 10 times. The movement in the development also joined a number of breakthrough innovations, including long-term excellent stability to ensure that the dry lubrication technology, and higher frequency need to consume more energy, the movement of the power reserve has also been further optimized. Zenith El Primero replica watches Since its beginning, Zenith has been recognized with more than 1,565 first observatory prizes in chronometry, making it the Swiss brand most rewarded for precision.

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All Zenith watches are equipped with independent ownership of the Zenith movement, the world's few brands to implement such a stringent standards. When you choose Zenith watch, you can be sure that the watch from the beginning to the end are made in Switzerland Lerocler. In order to meet this basic requirements, watchmaking plants need to create 500 models of 180 different movements. Making a Zenith watch takes nine months, during which more than 80 professional and technical personnel in turn on the watch and its components to display their talent and skills.

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a lot of manufacturers have tried to copy Zenith. This is because there are a lot of people who would want to carry the elegance and sophistication that these watches embody.The best Rolex Swiss Made Replicas can be found in an online store that specializes in selling very good knockoffs of these watches. Aside from just ensuring the quality of the watch that you’re purchasing, you should also look at the credibility of the website you’re buying it from.

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