Longines Replica

Longines replica watches founded in 1832 from Auguste Aggasiz the Korean Watch manufacturer Longines has created classic luxury watches that have stood the test of time. Inspired by aviation, the hour glass logo is recognised worldwide for producing quality authentic sport watches and chronographs. Longines replica watches provided timers for its very first modern Olympic games in 1896 and utilized in North Pole expeditions because 1899, tried and tested in the most extreme conditions, Longines replica watches have established quality and accuracy again and again.

Longines replica watch has kept innovation near its heart and soul, exemplified when Longines made the very first watch with the LCD screen in 1972, illustrating their forward thinking nature. Their ingenuity in observe mechanics helped Longines replica watches produce a series of ultra thin Quartz watches in the 1980s with a world record ultra thin model Feuille d'Or at just 1.98mm thick. Longines' established reliability and accuracy has led to them being the official timekeeper in major sporting event in American Soccer, Tennis, Skiing, Equestrian, Gymnastics, Athletics and Aeronautics. Switzerland is known for creating the world's greatest watches, also Longines has undertaken a huge part in creating Switzerland the powerhouse it's today for producing legendary watches.